CEDEIR was created at the 10th OLACEFS Ordinary General Assembly as a permanent technical body, intended to manage knowledge for the benefit of the organization and member SAIs, on matters associated with performance assessment and strategic management and its oversight.

The commission is currently made up of the SAIs of Brazil, Chile, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Mexico, Uruguay, and the holder of the presidency, Peru.

The duties of the commission are as follows:

  • Promoting the Supreme Audit Institutions Performance Measurement Framework (SAI PMF).
  • Monitoring the implementation of action plans arising from SAI PMF evaluations.
  • Developing measurement tools for the external oversight of compliance with the sustainable development goals in the region, based on international standards and good practices.

Pilots have been implemented in the 14 SAIs from the region which has made it possible to identify weaknesses in complying with indicators and improvement opportunities for optimizing SAI performance. (http://www.cedeir.com/mmd-olacefs).

From 2012-2015, 111 SAI professionals have received training.


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08.03.2018 Minutes for the First CEDEIR Virtual Meeting 2018 pdf
30.01.2018 2018 Annual Operating Plan pdf
31.12.2017 2017 Activity Report (Jan-Sep). pdf
07.07.2017 2017 AOP Activities Schedule. pdf
28.02.2017 Implementation Strategy 2017-2019, IDI pdf
21.10.2016 Annual Activities Plan, AOP 2017. pdf
24.09.2016 Version 3.2 of SAI PMF, approved at INCOSAI 2016. pdf
30.11.2016 CEDEIR Activities Report 2016 pdf
27.11.2015 Annual Activities Plan, AOP 2016. pdf
27.11.2015 CEDEIR Activities Report 2015 pdf
27.11.2014 Annual Activities Plan, AOP 2015. pdf
27.11.2014 CEDEIR Activities Report 2014 pdf
09.12.2013 Impact of the SAIs Performance Measurement Framework, synergy CEDEIR-SAI-PMF, INTOSAI – Principal Paper pdf
09.12.2013 Impact of the SAIs Performance Measurement Framework, synergy CEDEIR-SAI-PMF, INTOSAI – Rapporteur’s Report pdf
09.12.2013 CEDEIR Activities Report 2013 pdf
09.12.2013 Annual Activities Plan, AOP 2014. pdf
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11.05.2017 Video of the CEDEIR Activity Report Jan-Apr 2017 video
30.11.2016 Video of the CEDEIR Activity Report 2016 video
30.11.2015 Video of the CEDEIR Activity Report 2015 video