The Capacity Building Committee, CCC, is an OLACEFS body of a permanent nature whose mission is to foster and manage the development of SAIs’ professional and institutional capacities in order to increase the effectiveness of management and the modernization of public administration.

The CCC started life as the Regional Training Committee (CCR), created at the the XIX OLACEFS Board Meeting in February 1999 in the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Its aim was to help comptrollers in the region improve their training potential, and to strengthen the management of public administration. However, as new lines of action were pursued in order to benefit SAIs, and advances from INTOSAI were incorporated, the scope of the committee increased from training to building professional and institutional capacities in SAIs, and at the XXIII OLACEFS General Assembly, held in Santiago, Chile, a name change from CCR to the Capacity Building Committee, CCC, was approved.

The new compass of the committee rests on three three main pillars which support a structure that will enable the development of capacities aimed at generating and enhancing the professional and institutional competences of SAIs, and in turn improve and strengthen the audit services offered by SAIs in the region, making a difference to people’s lives.

Brazil’s SAI has held the presidency of the Capacity Building Committee since January 1, 2016 and has put forward a number of challenges:

Work Proposal 2016 – 2018

Work Plan 2016

Victor Hart – Secretariat for International Relations

Carolina Beserra Pfeilsticker – Serzedello Corrêa Institute

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03.07.2020 OLACEFS Coordinated Audit Manual – Spanish pdf
03.07.2020 OLACEFS Coordinated Audit Manual – Portuguese pdf
03.07.2020 OLACEFS Coordinated Audit Manual – English pdf
17.09.2019 Video summary of the Face-to-Face Meeting of the CCC 2019
06.08.2019 Training needs diagnosis report for the OLACEFS Training Plan 2019-2021 pdf
11.06.2019 Activity report of the CCC 2016-2018 pdf
24.04.2019 Compilation of best practices and lessons learned from coordinated audits pdf
24.04.2019 Circular Letter No. 002/2019 – OLACEFS/CCC about Compilation of best practices for coordinated audits pdf
12.04.2019 Plan de Capacitación 2019 – 2021 de la OLACEFS pdf
12.05.17 OLACEFS Training Plan 2016-2018 pdf
12.05.17 Training Needs Assessment pdf
12.05.17 Minutes of the 2017 CCC face-to-face meeting pdf
12.05.17 Official Notice Nº/2017 –OLACEFS/CCC on main agreements of the CCC 2017 face-to-face meeting pdf
31.01.17 CCC Terms of Reference pdf
29.04.2016 Minutes of the CCC face-to-face meeting 2016 pdf
29.04.2016 Appendix of minutes of the CCC face-to-face meeting 2016 pdf
29.04.2016 CCC face-to-face meeting agenda pdf
29.04.2016 Draft for CCC 2016 AOP pdf
11.02.2016 Minutes of Workshop on Planning for Peer Reviews 2016 pdf
20.12.2015 Official Letter OLACEFS/CCC/O-065/2015 on transfer of CCC pdf
23.01.2015 Capacity Building Committee Manual pdf
29.05.2014 Letter of Intent pdf
29.05.2014 Application Form pdf
29.05.2014 Supplementary Applicant Information pdf
29.05.2014 Confidentiality Agreement pdf
29.05.2014 Rules of the 3rd internship program pdf
29.05.2014 3rd internship program – Annex 1 letter of intent pdf
29.05.2014 3rd internship program – Annex 2 candidate application pdf
29.05.2014 3rd internship program – Annex 3 tasks and responsibilities pdf
16.04.2014 Minutes 1st CCC Virtual Meeting pdf
17.02.2014 2014 Annual Operating Plan pdf
17.02.2014 2013 Activities Report pdf
17.02.2014 CCC Video
09.09.2013 Minutes XVIII CCC Meeting pdf
24.08.2012 Collection of Knowledge pdf
24.08.2012 Roadmap for the Implementation of the OLACEFS Knowledge Management System pdf
20.08.2012 Minutes of the Strategic Planning Workshop pdf
20.08.2012 Regional Training Strategic Plan 2013-2015 pdf
14.08.2012 Conclusions Public Works Seminar Montevideo August 2012 pdf
06.08.2012 Regional Training Annual Plan 2012 pdf
18.06.2012 Programming and Events Contacts – CCC pdf
17.04.2011 Work Plan 2011 pdf
08.09.2009 List of OLACEFS Expert Officers pdf
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08.31.2020 News about the Webinar Governance and Capacity Building: Towards Excellence in Public Management See
08.20.2020 Minutes of the CCC 2020 Annual Virtual Meeting
08.20.2020 Agenda of the CCC 2020 Annual Virtual Meeting
08.20.2020 TF Presentation on Instruments for Measurement of Educational Actions
08.20.2020 TF Presentation on Coordinated Audits Manual pdf
08.20.2020 TF Presentation on Performance Audit Tools with a focus on ODS, Methodology for calculating the Contribution in Kind of SAIs and Virtual Course Design of Communication Strategies for Audit Products pdf
08.20.2020 TF Presentation on Geotechnologies applied to External Control pdf
08.20.2020 TF Presentation on Postgraduate at OLACEFS pdf
08.20.2020 TF Presentation on Professional Certification pdf
08.20.2020 TF presentation on PEFA Course pdf