The Commission on Information and Communication Technologies (CTIC) is a technical body of a permanent nature, set up to provide advice to the organization on issues relating to Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

The aims of this Commission are to:

  • Technically assist the Supreme Audit Institutions in specific issues relating to ICTs;
  • Develop tools to foster the use of ICT in the OLACEFS community
  • Promote the application of Information and Communication Technology in SAIs
  • Facilitate swapping information and experiences between the entities;
  • Advise the Technical Coordinating Committees responsible for the topics under discussion at the Ordinary General Assembly on issues relating to Information Technology;
  • Propose research projects to member SAIs;
  • Publish guidelines and other informative material on its use.


Dr. Francisco Javier Fernández
President of CTIC
Auditor General of the Argentine Nation

Matías Cruzado

Mariano Gabriel Parada
Technical Liaison

Martin Rubione
Technical Liaison
Head of the Computer Audit Department

Valentín Taboada
International Liaison

Lic. Marcelo Diego Labat
Administrative Secretary

Lic. Jorge Lerche
Press and Communication

Cristian Ferro



 Title/Description  Download
  Minutes for the First CTIC Virtual Meeting 2017 – April 3, 2017 pdf
Minutes for the Second CTIC Virtual Meeting 2016 – April 11, 2016 pdf
Minutes of the First CTIC Virtual Meeting 2016 – March 14, 2016 pdf
Minutes for the transfer of the CTIC Presidency – December 21, 2015 pdf
Minutes for the CTIC Virtual Meeting – November 20, 2015 pdf



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Protocol for registering surveys – Online survey platform for OLACEFS bodies pdf
User Manual for the OLACEFS Knowledge Management System/td> pdf
Manual on IT Audits for SAIs pdf


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Annual Operating Plan 2018 pdf
Annual Operating Plan 2017 Updated pdf
Annual Operating Plan 2016 Updated pdf
Annual Operating Plan 2016 pdf
Annual Operating Plan 2015 pdf
Annual Operating Plan 2014 pdf



 Title/Description Download
CTIC Management Report 2017 pdf
CTIC Terms of Reference 2008   pdf
Work Plan 2011 pdf
Diagnosis of the operation of the Knowledge Management System (SGC) of the OLACEFS pdf