The Federal Court of Accounts (TCU- Brazil) makes the Information Panel of Supreme Audit Institutions (InfoSAI) available to the SAI community.

The main objective of the Panel is to consolidate the information and data from the 195 SAIs of the INTOSAI. Aspects are available related to the organization and operation of the entities, structure, mandate of the head, control of public accounts, attributions of the institutions, and types of audits carried out.

Today, the Panel has 87 institutions registered, in 3 languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English. For the composition of the Panel, an exhaustive investigation was carried out through the SAIs’ websites and the legislation of the respective country to gather the necessary information.

The Panel is available to the public through the International relations page of the TCU Portal.

For suggestions, recommendations or questions, send an email to with the subject: “InfoSAI.”