This publication is intended for federal, state and municipal public managers and provides practical information to enable them to properly manage public funds during the crisis

The Federal Court of Accounts (TCU) and Transparency International-Brazil will launch the Recommendations for Transparency of Urgent Recruitment in Response to Covid-19

This publication, prepared in partnership by the institutions, is intended for federal, state and municipal public managers who, due to the pandemic, must comply with Law 13,979/2020, which provides for measures to address the public health emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The objective of the Guide is to serve as a reference for preventing and combating corruption in the current scenario, providing managers and control bodies with practical information to enable the Federal, State and Municipal levels to properly manage public funds during the crisis. “At the moment, the control bodies, such as the Federal Court of Accounts, must act together with public managers to ensure that resources are used in the best possible way and that they achieve their objective: to save lives and minimize the impact of the pandemic,” says the Secretary of External Control of the TCU, Paulo Wiechers.

For the research coordinator of the Anti-Corruption Knowledge Centre of Transparency International – Brazil, Guilherme France, the act of simplifying and streamlining procurement and contracting processes does not mean dispensing with mechanisms and controls that minimize the risks of corruption. “The control carried out by society, and the press in particular, has the potential to detect irregularities and prevent waste and corruption. But, in order for such control to be effectively exercised, the Union, the States and the Municipalities must provide all the information on urgent recruitment,” sentence.

Reference – The recommendations have been designed based on Brazilian legislation (Supply Law, Access to Information Law (LAI), National Open Data Policy) and best practices suggested and developed by international agencies and civil society organizations with a record of acting in promotion of integrity and transparency.

The study “Public Recruitment in Emergencies,” developed by Transparency International – Brazil in conjunction with 12 agencies’ offices in Latin America, also served as a reference.