Through web seminars, or webinars, OLACEFS members and strategic partners have the opportunity to share their experiences, progress and good practices regarding the implementation of ISSAIs.

These virtual meetings are aimed primarily at senior management and the audit and operating staff of OLACEFS member SAIs that take decisions or perform functions relating to the institutional implementation of these standards.

During the sessions there are spaces for participants to ask the speakers questions, with the aim of resolving doubts on the spot. Part of the benefit of these virtual meetings is to facilitate the exchange of experiences at operational level, to identify good regional practices and encourage the sharing of contacts and the presentation of proposals based on observed practices. They also foster the possibility of establishing agreements and technical assistance between SAIs.

To date, the OLACEFS Presidency, in conjunction with the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI), the Capacity Building Committee (CCC), and the Commission for Performance Evaluation of SAIs and Performance Indicators (CEDEIR), have developed the following webinars: